You can integrate several project management apps and work-management apps directly with FreshBooks, however. You click New Invoice to get started, and an invoice template opens with your contact information and logo, the current date and due date, and an invoice number. You complete the rest of the document by selecting items or services and entering quantities. If you’ve created sales tax rates already, then the correct one should be assigned. You can add a discount, which most small business accounting apps allow. In FreshBooks, however, you can also request a deposit and set up a payment schedule.

One of the biggest benefits of integrating payments into FreshBooks is that it allows for easy invoicing. It has the ability to create recurring invoices, send invoices via email, accept online payments, and customize an invoice layout. In addition, when you email an invoice, FreshBooks even has a feature which tracks when the customer has viewed the invoice.

  • There are also FreshBooks transaction costs to bear in mind if you plan on using the software.
  • Once you click Enable, you can choose which version of FreshBooks to connect to your account.
  • This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.
  • Clients can be given login information to easily stay up-to-date on the progress of their project.
  • The FreshBooks Certified Beancounters Program is a two-hour online training course led by the company’s accountant ambassador Kasey Bayne and gives accountants CPE credits upon completion.
  • Don’t forget though that you can also charge flat rates if you prefer – it takes just a few clicks to calculate a running bill.
  • You can add a discount, which most small business accounting apps allow.

FreshBooks can be integrated with PayPal or Stripe to provide a variety of payment options for the customer. Besides using a credit card, it is also possible for the client to pay online or through electronic funds transfers from a bank. When it comes time to do your taxes, FreshBooks allows for the printing out of categorized expense sheets. Clients can be given login information to easily stay up-to-date on the progress of their project. Also, the software can send friendly reminders about a late invoice.

Contacts And Expenses

With FreshBooks, you can track your business expenses by syncing your bank account or credit card to the software. You can also easily upload receipts that FreshBooks will store in the cloud. If you haven’t set up sales taxes already, you have the option to do so right from your invoices. When you click the Add Taxes link directly below each item’s rate, a small window opens where you define multiple sales taxes.


Mystic Access also sells products such as Bluetooth headphones bundled with tutorials on how to use the product as a blind person. Even if you don’t purchase products directly from Mystic Access, you can still buy a tutorial on how to use the product more efficiently. Their regular podcasts feature interviews with a variety of people related to the field of blindness as well as information about upcoming products from the company. Free Zoom webinars cover many topics including how to back up your important data efficiently. It’s also possible to get paid one-on-one training from Mystic Access on a number of topics including how to use your iPhone. Compared with FreshBooks, Wave is more advanced and has more features to offer.

There is a “forever free” option that although limited in features may be a great place to start for for a smaller businesses. You can work strictly from the project homepage to enter the time and expenses needed to complete your project, or you can use the tools provided outside of the project homepage.

Top 10 Alternatives To Freshbooks For Small Businesses

The CData ODBC Driver for FreshBooks solves these issues by supporting powerful smart caching technology that can greatly improve the performance and dramatically reduce application bottlenecks. Service Delays – Delays due to service interruptions, resulting in server hardware or software updates. Secure connectivity through modern cryptography, including TLS 1.2, SHA-256, ECC, etc. Easily connect live FreshBooks data with BI, ETL, Reporting, & Custom Apps. Data Sync Straightforward Apps for data replication with on-premise and cloud databases.


If you’ve connected one or more bank accounts to FreshBooks, you see a list of recent transactions when you click the Expenses tab in the left vertical pane. You have to train it at first by correcting inaccurate categories, which you definitely should, as this information is very important for use in reports and taxes.

Freshbooks & Wave Comparison Summary

Includes standard Enterprise-class security features such as TLS/ SSL data encryption for all client-server communications. Our drivers enhance the data source’s capabilities by additional client-side processing, when needed, to enable analytic summaries of data such as SUM, AVG, MAX, MIN, etc. Excel Add-In Use Excel to read, write, and update live data from Web & desktop applications. CData Drivers Real-time data connectors with any SaaS, NoSQL, or Big Data source.CData Connect Cloud Universal consolidated cloud data connectivity. To finish things out, we’ll compare FreshBooks vs QuickBooks pricing so you know how much you’ll pay for each tool. In general, FreshBooks is a little cheaper, though it depends on the plan you need.

  • Wave and Xero offer much better onboarding tools that walk you through numerous steps.
  • If you haven’t set up sales taxes already, you have the option to do so right from your invoices.
  • It’s even harder to find great invoicing software and accounting functionality at an affordable price.
  • FreshBooks offers email and phone support to help you set up your account free of charge.
  • The Freshbooks authentication strategy authenticates users using a Freshbooks account and OAuth tokens.

All that being said, we reiterate that this Freshbooks plan is perfect for large-scale businesses and companies that need reliable accounting software. This plan also has customizable pricing and cost, so there’s no set price. Freshbooks offers prices that are tantamount to the Freshbooks features you’ll avail of. If none of the mentioned pricing plans satisfy you yet, then you still have one last choice.

It Provides Unlimited Access To Your Data

If you opt for the Plus or Premium plans, you can send reminders, establish recurring invoices, and even charge late fees through the software. You can create professional-looking invoices, organize your expenses, and track your time. Chaser syncs all of your Freshbooks invoice and customer data so you automatically stay on top of what is owed and collect payments faster. Put an end to late payments and manual chasing tasks, by setting up schedules to send out polite payment reminders to your customers.

  • Thankfully, FreshBooks offers plenty of guidance, including a searchable help database and email and phone support.
  • You can use FreshBooks as a valuable productivity tool to let you know if you’re on track to meet your goals.
  • Expenses can be attached to projects or clients so you can see what you’re spending, helping you stay on budget.
  • 👉 If you want to see even more options for accounting, you can read our detailed comparison of FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Xero, Sprout Invoices, and more.

ODBC is the most widely supported interface for connecting applications with data. All kinds of BI, Reporting, ETL, Database, and Analytics tools offer the ability to read and write data via ODBC connectivity. FreshBooks is a good choice for freelancers and small-sized businesses who want client-specific features or who have a service-based business model.

Conversely, Wave offers invoicing, expense tracking, recurring billing, and automatic payments for free. Many users choose Wave because those essential accounting features are entirely free, and additional features like payroll, payment processing, and bookkeeping services can be purchased. While we found that Wave is also extremely user-friendly, it’s much more difficult to get in touch with customer support, which can be frustrating.

It offers users flexibility, functions, and pricing to scale and meet customers’ growing business needs. This free freshbooks alternative is simple and easy to use, but is restricted to a little less features.

Western Union Business Solutions

FreshBooks offers invoicing, expense tracking, time tracking, project management, payments, and accounting reports. FreshBooks pricing starts at $15 per month for basic features and tops out at $50 per month. With FreshBooks, it’s possible to track time and expenses related to the various projects you’re working on at any given time. Anyone who does contract work with a company that uses FreshBooks can have their own FreshBooks account mirrored into the company’s account.


Yes, you can use your phone to access Freshbooks since it has a mobile app. Freshbooks mobile is just as capable and complete as its desktop counterpart. This is why all Freshbooks users can safely store their payment information on the website. The free trial lasts for 30 days from the moment you sign up to Freshbooks. Once the 30-day free trial ends, you will have to avail yourself of one of the paid plans to continue using Freshbooks. The Freshbook Premium Plan is best for a small business owner that is ready to take the next step and upscale his company.

You can also bill clients for hours tracked and expenses incurred on their projects. The Plus plan is $7.50 per month, which lets you bill up to 50 clients.

Freshbooks Accounting Software

The Premium plan lets you send unlimited invoices to an unlimited number of clients. Additional features include vendor and bill management, project profitability, and customizable email signatures. The Plus plan lets you bill 50 clients and adds features like standard financial reports, proposals and client retainers, and e-signatures. FreshBooks offers a well-rounded and intuitive double-entry accounting experience with the tools that a very small business needs. An exceptional user experience and smart blend of features make it a top choice for sole proprietors and freelancers. This review is for small business owners who want to learn about FreshBook’s accounting software and why it’s our best pick for invoicing. It’s affordably priced, has multiple invoicing features and is easy to use, making it ideal for business owners who send a lot of invoices.

InvoiceBerry can be used by people with all business types such as freelancers, web designers, small and medium sized businesses, creatives, musicians, producers and more. This free freshbooks alternative for small business offers 100% free plan to manage up to 3 clients. FreshBooks is the #2 small business accounting software in America, with paying customers in 100+ countries around the world. The company has helped more than 24 million people process billions of dollars through its easy-to-use invoicing, time-tracking, expense management, and online payments features. Wave’s accounting software, invoicing features, and business bank accounts are entirely free of charge. Customers will pay for things like online payments, payroll, and bookkeeping and tax services.

Every software apart from the basic need of invoicing that it fulfills, also has unique features attached to it. Be it Zoho, Invoicera or others they all help you manage your business efficiently. Employee management, task management and client & vendor management has become easy with online invoicing softwares. The main benefit here is that the company gets to charge late payment fees as it has sent an overdue reminder and made sure clients got it.

Intuit Quickbooks Online

Whichever accounting software you choose, you’ll want to have a system in place for getting paid on time – whatever the currency. While Wave is a great option for small business owners and freelancers, it can’t accommodate large businesses in the same way FreshBooks can. As with all accounting software, the best option for you will be the service that best fulfills your business needs. There are several alternatives to FreshBooks if you’re interested in other accounting software options. You don’t need to enter your credit card or contact information for this free trial. FreshBooks offers email and phone support to help you set up your account free of charge.

Freshbooks Unveils Certification Program

With just a click of a button, you can create invoices for billable time. The Lite plan lets you customize and send invoices and estimates to up to five clients. You can run business health reports and accept online customer payments. Available for both iOS and Android devices, FreshBooks’ app includes nearly all of the features found on the browser version of its software. You can track billable time, take pictures of receipts and record expenses, create and send invoices, chat with clients, and accept payments. The Lite plan is $4.50 per month, which allows you to bill up to five clients.